IT Solutions For All Your Small or Medium Sized Business Needs

Protected Networks, Systems & Servers

Photo of touch screen cloud computingHaving a reliable business system with server management and a protected network is a vital aspect of any business. KTC Consulting provides IT solution services that cater to the needs of your individual business.

Through careful evaluation of your current business infrastructure, KTC Consulting provides IT solutions through network management, server management, disaster recovery options and other IT solutions fit for your business’s needs.

KTC Consulting works with each small and medium sized business to find IT solutions that are efficient and affordable. Ensuring that our customers are protected from breaches or other network management issues is our top priority. KTC Consulting will design a technology infrastructure that suits the specific needs of your business.

Network Management

KTC Consulting helps your employees connect to your customers, to one another, and even to vendors by providing top-tier networking solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We will design and deploy a network tailored to your business, in addition to maintenance services that keep it functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Server Management

Your business server is the hub of your network and the repository for all your business data. For this reason, the maintenance and management of the server is critical to the function of vital business processes. KTC Consulting takes a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to server management. Our IT solution experts have extensive knowledge in server management to provide virus protection, data backups and updates to ensure that your server remains protected.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a complex process that requires a predetermined plan of action. KTC Consulting will analyze your network and servers to find potential disruption areas-whether they be cyber, internal or natural-to come up with an effective disaster recovery plan to address potential scenarios. KTC Consulting works to prepare all our customers for any potential threats, so if you’re faced with an unexpected breach, bug or virus, your system is protected. Once we’ve completed your disaster recovery plan, we’ll help you maintain it going forward.