Mobility Solutions Allow Full Accessibility

Our mobility solutions keep you connected wherever you are

Photo of mobile deviceIn a growing digital world, having IT solutions that are easily convertible as mobility solutions is increasingly important. KTC Consulting provides mobility solutions to give you access to your networking management and systems on the go. Through various apps, KTC Consulting makes it easy to connect internally and beyond with the convenience of your mobile device.

Mobility as a Solution (MAAS) and UCx Hosted Unified Communications Service connect a variety of powerful mobility functions in one simplified and user friendly unified communications solution. UCx features give you the power to choose the right communications tool for every situation. Is there more than one person in your party? UCx has got you covered through group features that further complement and enhance the way you do business.


Place and receive calls on your desk phone, mobile phone or computer using your business line identity.


Instantly start high-quality video calls using the camera on your computer, desk phone or mobile phone.

Instant Messaging

Chat and share files with anyone in your company. Move a chat to voice or video at any time with a single click.

Presence (Availability)

See if your contacts are available for communication. Your own status automatically updates to “busy” when you’re on a call or in a meeting.

Desktop Sharing

Instantly share your desktop without having to move your meeting to another platform.


With iPhone and Android apps, you can access the UCx service from your smartphone with full functionality.


Invite others to join your own personal collaboration room, even if they are not UCx users.


UCx seamlessly integrates with third-party applications and services to help streamline your business processes.