Remote Work Solutions

Remote Work Solutions in the Work-from-Home Economy


According to Stanford economic research, as of the end of June 2020, 42% of the US workforce is working from home, 33% not working at all and the remaining 26%, mostly essential service workers, are still working at the business premises. Research further indicates that this work-from-home economy is likely to continue beyond the pandemic that spawned it. With this shift to a work-at-home economy, it has become increasingly more important to:

Provide remote workers with a secure remote connection

With Splashtop, people can easily work remotely from home and access their office computer from another computer, tablet or mobile device via a secure streaming connection

Protect devices outside the corporate network

Six ways Archon outperforms other web filtering security:

  1. Proxy-based Web Filtering will deep scan every asset on every page
  2. Total Endpoint Protection protects devices outside of a UTM Firewall perimeter
  3. Cloud Based Management deploys instantly and scales quickly and easily
  4. Machine Learning Optimization Archon self optimizes, getting smarter with each new user
  5. Better Security Visibility provides robust on-demand reporting and an intuitive dashboard

Monitor employee web and application use in real time

Monitor employee web and application use in office and work-from-home locations